Woofwagen Whizzing Along Having Fun

goygar driving

Playing Woofwagen is great fun. Whizzing along hanging out of the car window.  There are some rules when you play this game. First you should always bark at people that ride bikes. Bikes are a nuisance and get in the way of the woofwagen so you should woof as loud as you can when they appear.

The other rule is that you should think about covering your eyes with some sunglasses or Doggles. These can be really cool and when you are hanging out of the window you can look like a super cool dudey dog.  They stop dust getting into your eyes which can be dangerous and hurt you.

You can see some really cool dog sunglasses here.

As you get better at this game you can learn how to wind the windows down yourself, just press the button and they go down. If they don’t then scratch them with your paws and the humans will open them.

Remember to always bark at bikes.

This works best in a VW but is also good fun in other cars.