Train A Puppy To Sit And Stay

train a puppy to sit and stay

Like most dog training when we train a puppy to sit and stay we are building on previous training sessions and understanding from the puppy’s perspective.

Before we start our puppy should be sitting down when we ask him to or, at least, well on the way to doing so. We cannot train a puppy to sit and stay if he doesn’t know how to sit when we ask him.

If we haven’t done any work on ‘sit’ then goto this link first and work on ‘sit’ then come back here when puppy knows how to sit – be patient and do the groundwork.

Training a puppy to sit and stay is a direct extension of the sit command.

Get the puppy to sit. Then, gradually walk backwards, facing the puppy.  Start off by walking backwards about ten feet. Keep your hand up in the ‘sit’ position then walk back to the puppy.  If he starts to get up, you should stop, say ‘sit’ and encourage him to sit back down. When you get to him lots of praise and encouragement.

Gradually increase the distance that you walk backwards from the pup, keeping him sat down and praising when you get back to him.

As in all things with dog training, little and often is the key. Lots of praise and encouragement when he does as you ask him.

It’s easy if you take your time, try to think like the dog and use lots of praise.

You don’t need tethers, cages or anything else. Just some plain common sense.