Tools of the Trade for Making Dog Food

Tips, tools and appliances that make cooking a breeze
Preparation ingredients for dog food

Since I committed myself to the task of making dog food for my pooches almost five years ago, I have been asked many questions about not just my recipe and its vitamin formulations, but what  kitchen tools and techiques I use. And while you can whip up any of the recipes we have written about with just the simplest of tools, if you plan to cook pet food on steady basis, it does help to have equipment that makes meal prep easier and foolproof. Obviously, all of my selections do double duty and are employed for making meals for the two-legged ones too.

Do keep in mind that you really don’t need any of these products—except, of course, the digital scale—to make delicious and nutritious dog food. The most important steps are to learn how to make complete and balanced meals for your dog and to set aside time to produce these meals for your dog.

Here is a list of utensils, tools and appliances that I have found to most helpful and reliable in that journey.

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