Sweet Potato Salesdog

A popular Japanese street-food stand is “manned” by a dog.
Sweet Potato Salesdog - Shiba Inu

Sapporo, on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, is best known for beer, skiing and its annual snow festival. Thanks to the Twitterverse, Ken, a perky, four-year-old red Shiba Inu, is now also on its list of attractions. On weekends and holidays, the dog can be found behind the counter of Inu no Yakiimo-ya-san—Dog’s Roasted Sweet Potato Stand—in one of the city’s residential areas.

In Japan, roasted sweet potatoes (yaki imo) are a popular go-to street food and, like vendors selling hot dogs or pretzels in the US, stands offering them can be found everywhere. But, as far as we know, the stand overseen by Ken is the only one with a dog on counter duty.

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