Barking Mad Roadtrip

Barking Road Trip

Boris loves going for trips in the car. This is a great shot of Boris and his human pack leader making a run for it from the cops after barking at someone on a bike.

Boris often rides with his head out of the window, sniffing at the smells and barking at other dogs, cyclists and chavs in cars. If you are a dog then you should think about some Doggles to protect your eyes if you put your head out of the car window or go for a ride on a motorbike.

Barking at people on bikes is always allowed and is the law here in the UK. The Dog Guide Book to car travel makes it mandatory for all dogs to bark at people riding pedal bikes, people wearing baseball caps and anyone driving a Vauxhall Corsa.

If you don’t bark then you get your biscuit allowance removed for the rest of the week.