Driving to see Kate

Liverpool Bound

This is me driving to Liverpool to see my Kate.  She is at university and we went to see her to go shopping, goygar walking and for lunch.

We went into Kate’s new kennel – the humans called it ‘halls’..it was great fun…lots of room to run round and I found some smelly socks and a football and played fetch.  There were also some new humans there that I didn’t know..they smelled a bit strange but they gave me strokes and played football with me which was really good fun.

We went to a little Egyptian cafe called Kimos on Myrtle Street and it was delicious – the chicken kebab is super yummy..

I will get my humans to take me there again and next time they can try the lamb…..I’m sure they’ll let me try some too…!

I also saw some seagulls and barked at them..

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