Is Curbside Veterinary Service Here to Stay?

Some veterinarians discover pros to the pandemic protocol
Curbside Veterinary Service

Dr. Robyn Limberg describes herself as a talker. After practicing for 25 years in St. Clair, Michigan, she has many clients who are also friends, “so there are often conversations and chats that go on that aren’t necessarily related to the situation at hand,” she said. As a result, her appointments routinely run long.

Or they used to, before COVID-19. These days, pet owners aren’t allowed in the clinic. That means no chance for gabfests, and Limberg stays on schedule. It’s a win for efficiency – 2020 was her highest-grossing year — but the veterinarian misses the one-on-one time and opportunities for client education.

The advent of curbside pickup and dropoff for pet patients has transformed the way veterinary practices function. To mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, clinic staff wearing personal protective equipment collect patients from clients who wait outside or in their cars; communication happens mostly by phone.


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