How To Train A Puppy To Sit

how to train a puppy to sit

How To Train A Puppy To Sit

When looking at how to train a puppy to sit I can tell you that this is probably the most important command to teach a puppy. It is also one of the first things that you should focus upon as soon as your puppy is old enough, and, it is easy to do.

Ideally you should be looking to learn how to train a puppy to sit when it comes to your house and is aged around 8 weeks old.  This is a basic and easy command to teach a puppy and it centres around mealtimes.

The way that we teach a puppy to sit is easy and focuses upon the concept of reward in a way that the puppy will soon respond to – by giving him food when he does it.

Lets start. It is really easy to learn how to train a puppy to sit.

So. Here we go.

We will do this when it is the puppy’s mealtime and, from now on, everytime we feed the puppy and throughout his life as an adult dog, this is what you will do.

Prepare the puppy’s meal and hold the puppy food dish in your left hand.  Hold your right hand up, palm facing outwards ( like a police officer indicating for traffic to stop).  As you hold your hand up say ‘Sit’ or ‘Hup’.

Now, the puppy won’t have any idea what you want or indeed what you are saying, so, in frustration at not getting his food he will spin around, jump up and down and generally demonstrate that he wants his food and is fed up that he isn’t getting it.  However, eventually, he will sit down to contemplate his next step.  As SOON as his bottom touches the floor repeat the word ‘Sit’ or ‘Hup’  whichever you used and immediately place his food in front of him, and let him eat his dinner.

That’s it. See, easy. So, from now on, every time we feed the puppy, we follow this process.

Before long our puppy will ‘cotton on’ and will sit down before you tell him at mealtimes.

We can then get the puppy to sit down away from mealtimes, instead praising him when he does so.

Don’t overdo this, and don’t show the puppy off to others.

Keep it positive and keep the puppy happy.

We’ll move onto other aspects of training such as sit and stay, recall and more in other articles.