HattyBoo’s Hair Day

hattyboo's Boris

Boris The Cocker visited Hattyboo’s dog groomers today to get his hair done.  After a wash, trim and polish Boris left looking ready for Christmas.

I’m not too sure that he was that impressed but he definitely smells better and his hair is much tidier.

It is important to help your dog to keep clean because, if he is like Boris then there is every chance that he will do his best to get muddy, smelly and generally as untidy as possible as quickly as possible, particularly when he is doing his gardening or digging.

Boris gets ‘sent’ to Hattyboo’s about twice a year, before summer and in time for Christmas, so it’s not too much of a drama for him.  Combined with paddling in the stream near to his house, swimming in the river and occasional visits to the beach which is about 30 minutes away, he manages to keep clean and reasonably smelly.