Give Dog-Reactive Dogs Some Space

Saying “my dog is friendly” doesn’t reassure those with dogs who are afraid, stressed or anxious around other dogs.
scared dog

Ready for our daily hike, I had just let my three dogs out of the car when I hear a very deep bark near the trailhead, followed by someone calling a dog’s name. Quickly, I get my dogs back in the car and shut the door.

Down from the trailhead comes an unleashed Mastiff-type mixed breed, barking and running toward a man sitting on his tailgate putting on his hiking boots. By his side is his leashed dog, who’s watching this big dog barrel toward him. The woman yells, “It’s okay, he’s friendly.” The leashed dog is clearly frightened but has nowhere to go; he tries to jump back into the truck, but it’s too late—the bigger dog is barking and jumping on him.

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