Dog Muzzle Mesh with Overhead Strap, No Lick Dog Mask Mouth Guard Muzzle for Dogs Prevent Biting Chewing (M)

Price: $30.00 - $10.95
(as of Jan 18,2020 01:45:17 UTC – Details)

Attention: Please be aware of importance of training dog to accept to wear muzzle

If you have any issues,the video in this product listing(size-M) will show you how to train your dog accept the muzzle.

    Firstly you need to warm your dog before beginning training with the muzzle. Spend a few minutes toughing your dog’s nose,chin,forehead and lips, providing plenty of treats and praise in between.
    Place the muzzle on the floor near your dog, let him sniff it, praise and provide treats, repeat a few times until your dog indicates that the muzzle looks interesting in a way.
    Take the muzzle and gently tough it to your dog’s body,progressing slowly up to their face. Give a treat.Repeat until your dog feels that the muzzle is not harmful or dangerous.
    Hold the muzzle with one hand and a treat with the other hand,so he needs to put his nose inside the muzzle to get the treat,repeat until your dog seems used to the muzzle.
    Put on the muzzle and fasten the buckle,count slowly to five seconds, immediately remove the muzzle and treat.Repeat until they become used to wearing the muzzle, slowly lengthen the amount of time they are wearing it.
    Remember that muzzles inhibit a dog’s ability to pant and should never be worn for a long time or during exercise.
  • Size Map:

    XS – Snout Circumference: 8.3-10.2″”; Neck Strap: 9-10.2″”

    S – Snout Circumference: 8.7-10.6″”; Neck Strap: 11.8-16.5″”

    M – Snout Circumference: 9.8-11.8″”; Neck Strap: 14.9-21.3″”

    L – Snout Circumference: 10.6-13.4″”; Neck Strap: 15.7-25.2″”

    XL – Snout Circumference: 12.2-14.9″”; Neck Strap: 16.5-26.4″”

    SECURE AND ADJUSTABLE: Here are very important instructions mentioned in the description below to teach you how to train a dog to accept the muzzle more easily.If you have any issues,the video in this product listing(size-M) will show you how to train your dog accept the muzzle.
    EASTY TO STORE AND WASHABLE: Durable construction allows for regular wash. Soft mesh construction makes sure that no residues or marks will be left around.
    COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: Soft Breathable Safty Dog muzzle Mesh material is more suitable for dogs.
    ALL-AROUND PROTCETION: The design gives an all-around cover of the dogs’mouth, stop from biting barking and licking, or eating dirty foods from outside.
    MULTIPE SIZES: The dog muzzle mesh comes in 4 sizes and can be adjusted to be used for all dogs including tiny and giant breeds.