Dog Eyes

New visions on a mountain trail
hiking with puppy

I’ve had many trail companions over the years, but hands down, my pup is the best.

That’s not to say that my human counterparts were terrible. Some of the most special moments in my life have taken place in the woods with friends and family. It’s just different when you hit the trail with a canine companion.

Hiking can be a unfocused activity, like relaxing in an inner tube on a lazy river—some force moves you along while you watch the scenery slowly pass by.

It’s easy to miss the details.

Take a puppy into the woods, and you’ll be surprised at how your focus changes. I was recently introduced to this unique experience after my girlfriend and I adopted a Lab/Shepherd mix named Biscuit.

Neither of us had ever had sole responsibility for a dog, though I’ve spent time around them through roommates and other family members. However much I’ve played at being a dog dad, it didn’t come close to the real deal.


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