Dangerous Christmas Food For Dogs

dangerous christmas food for dogs

Christmas is a great family time and for most of us our dogs are part of the family. We need to understand though that there are many dangerous Christmas foods for dogs that they should never eat and that we should always keep away from out four legged friends.

This is our list of the most dangerous Christmas food for dogs:

  • Chocolate – although many dogs love chocolate, chocolate does not love dogs. It is poisonous to dogs and can be fatal.
  • Anything that contains raisins, sultanas, grapes or currants. This includes mince pies and Christmas cake, These fruits can be deadly to a dog.
  • Alcohol – of any description. Deadly poisonous to dogs.
  • Chicken, turkey or goose bones. If your dog eats these bones then they can split into sharp fragments and puncture the dogs stomach and internal areas.
  • Holly, mistletoe and ivy. Used commonly for decoration. Dogs have been known to pick them up and eat them.
  • Ant-freeze. Believe it or not dogs have been made seriously unwell by drinking this which is often left lying around by owners who have used it in their cars. It is also deadly to humans.
  • Christmas tree decorations. Dogs are curious and will often pick things up in their mouths to carry. Decorations can break and be ingested causing serious internal injury. Keep them away from your dog.

You should always take the view of your dog being like a young child. There are many dangerous Christmas food for dogs and your dog does not know that something will hurt him (just as a young child wouldn’t know). As a human you need to take responsibility and keep things away from your dog to stop him from coming to harm.

Your dog can enjoy Christmas too. Be responsible, think about your dog, keep danger away from him and have fun.