Boris Boy

Boris the Cocker

This is me – Boris the Cocker Spaniel, aged one and living in Lancashire. Getting ready for this year’s shooting season when I will be beating with my dad in the Trough of Bowland.  It’s great fun running around hunting pheasants and making them fly off with their funny noises. They smell great.  It can get a bit cold when it snows but we always have a good breakfast first and then a nice warm bowl of my favourite food afterwards.  I get so tired after the day and it is nice to collapse and sleep in front of the fire.

I live in the countryside in Lancashire, England which is a place that I really love – but sometimes I go into the nearby cities and towns if my humans need to go there.

My human pack is great fun and we play lots of games and go on great adventures. Two of the pack have just gone to a place called ‘university’. I don’t know what this is but when I go and visit them we have fun and there are lots of other humans that are in their ‘university packs’ that play with me and give me strokes.

My best friend is called Gwil – he lives next door. He is a rescue dog and his old owners did nasty things to him.  He now lives with some really nice humans and, if they have to go somewhere, then my pack look after him – he came round and watched the rugby with us last week – we ran round the house all night and ate all of the humans’ Custard Cream biscuits…

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Boris the cocker


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