Best Puppy Training Tips

best puppy training tips

For the best puppy training tips there are many that could be mentioned but, having given careful consideration to what the best puppy training tips are here are things that you need to think about:

Best Puppy Training Tips

  • Making yourself the ‘centre of attention’ is the most important of all puppy training.
  • A puppy or dog must be healthy to be happy and happy to be trained.
  • You should always let common sense control your progress when dog training.
  • Some people have an innate gift for puppy and dog training – some do not.
  • Cultivate and develop your own understanding of your dog’s mind and his temperament.
  • Learn to be sympathetic, to be tolerant but firm.
  • Be fair and consistent at all times.
  • Don’t expect wonders from a youngster. They learn from continual repetition of lessons.
  • Don’t overdo any training exercise.
  • Bad habits are to be avoided like the plague. Always be consistent with your puppy.
  • Any bad habits that develop are the fault of the trainer and not of the puppy or dog.
  • Always watch your puppy. The key impressionable age for training is from five to eighteen months old. We can work with older dogs but it is easier with youngsters.
  • Don’t make your dog bored or fed up by overtraining.
  • Take your time – there is no rush.
  • Let your dog use his/her brain and natural ability. There are things that dogs can do that we cannot and their sensory world is different to ours. Let your dog develop.
  • At all times offer praise and encouragement – this is one of the most important and best puppy training tips.
  • Never, ever lose your temper with your dog.
  • Your puppy should learn to be a success and should expect to be a success. He will then be a success because success breeds success.

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