Best Dog Sunglasses

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Best Dog Sunglasses

We all know just how important it is to protect our eyes, but how many of us know that it is just as important to look after our dog’s eyes too?

There are many options for dog sunglasses, glasses that offer protection and can help your dog to stand out from the doggy crowd down at the park.

Like many things some dog sunglasses are better than other ones and, before going ahead and buying some it is worth taking time out to explore the options when you are looking to buy sunglasses for your dog.

Why Do Dogs Need Sunglasses?

The main reason for doggy sunglasses is simply that they keep dog’s eyes comfortable, safe and offer protection to this vital area of the body.

Sunglasses will provide protection for your dog’s eyes against dirt, dust and anything else that could enter the eye and cause irritation or damage. Under normal circumstances it is unlikely that your dog would get an injury but sometimes, depending on where you are and what you are doing there could be a need for dog glasses.

If you take your dog out on your bike or motorcycle, or if, like Boris the Cocker, he enjoys riding in the car with his head out of the window then glasses would be a good idea.

If your dog is a biker dog then we will be looking at biking and motorcycling helmets for dogs in another article soon.

If you live near a dusty road or regularly go out with your dog in this type of environment, maybe jogging then there is a chance of dust being kicked up by trucks, buses and other vehicles. This dust can easily get into the eyes and, having suffered this personally, it is no joke. You might also want to get some glasses for yourself just in case.

It’s also possible that your dog could get sand or dust into his eyes if he is out running or playing when it is windy. Muck can blow up and get into eyes which can cause scratches and other injuries which can result in veterinary treatment.

Boris the Cocker often gets grass seed in his eyes when he runs through the fields in the summer and these can be a real problem for dogs. They are small, sharp and can be tricky to remove. If you go into the fields with your dog in the summer then eye protection can be a real problem solver and can prevent this type of injury.

A couple of years ago Boris suffered an eye injury from a sharp piece of grass that scratched his eye. He was in a lot of pain and needed specialist treatment from the vet for several weeks. we didn’t have sunglasses for him then but have learned just how important they are.

Some dog sunglasses are made from polycarbonate which can be hard wearing and shatterproof, so, if you have a dog that charges around at top speed then this type may be the best for you.

It is also possible to get sunglasses for dogs that can help them with vision problems and they can help certain dogs to see better in specific light conditions.

Just as with humans, dog sunglasses also help to protect your dog’s eyes from the sun. These glasses filter out the light spectrum to remove harmful UV rays that can cause eye damage if not addressed over the long term.

This can be important if you live in an area of high sunshine and high levels of sunlight. This is typically in areas such as the beach, deserts or sunny snowy areas where light can bounce around and become intense.  Bright light can damage human eyes and cause blindness and the same is true of dogs, so think about this if you live in these areas or will be spending time in them.

Your vet may also tell you that your dog needs sunglasses. There are some dogs that suffer from eye problems that make them sensitive to light. If your dog has had an eye injury or infection then glasses can be necessary to help recovery or indeed be needed for the rest of the dog’s life.

Dog owners can also be quite vain and there is also the fact that doggy sunglasses can be quite fashionable and something of a novelty. If you want to give your dog an edge in the fashion stakes then you have this option – although I am sure that he won’t be too bothered.

What Should You Look for When Shopping for Canine Sunglasses?

There are various options available to you and based on your needs, preferences and budget you have plenty to choose from.

Lets say that you are looking to make your dog more fashionable and for him to stand out from the crowd down at the doggy park.  There are lots of styles and colours for you to select from but you’ll need to think about size and fit as well as the type of straps that are used to keep the sunglasses fixed to your dog’s head. Some come with chin straps that adapt to suit the size and shape of your dog’s head.

If you are looking for sunglasses to protect your dog’s eyes from more solid impacts such as sticks, stones, dust and intrusions then you’ll need some that are strong and durable and that cover the complete eye.

Many glasses are made from polycarbonate which is shatterproof and you should check with the manufacturers and any reviews of the glasses to check on durability and strength. In terms of eye coverage you can easily check on how good this is from any photographs that are shown on the item advertisements and listings.

As with human sunglasses you can get dog sunglasses that provide UV protection from the sun’s light. Look at the specifications of the sunglasses before you buy them to make sure that they are suitable and meet your needs.

Our Choice The Best Dog Sunglasses

1.Rex Specs Dog Goggles – Eye Protection for The Active Dog

rex specs dog goggles

Rex Specs dog goggles are protective eyewear for the active dog. They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun.

  • Rex Specs Dog Goggles come in 6 sizes (X-Large, Large, Medium, Small Wide, Small, and X-Small) be sure to measure your dog to ensure you get the best fit.
  • Rex Specs dog goggles come with 2 lenses – 1 Clear and a second lens of your choice. All lenses are rated UV400 – blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Strap system is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes. Be sure to follow the fitting instructions, a good fit makes training much easier!

2. Rex Specs Dog Goggles – Eye Protection

Rex Specs dog goggles provide great eye protection. With strong straps and great designs they are a great option for your dog while providing some of the best protection from sun, dust, impacts and more.

rex specs

  • Rex Specs Dog Goggles come in 6 sizes (X-Large, Large, Medium, Small Wide, Small, and X-Small) be sure to measure your dog to ensure you get the best fit.
  • Rex Specs dog goggles come with 2 lenses – 1 Clear and a second lens of your choice. All lenses are rated UV400 – blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Strap system is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes. Be sure to follow the fitting instructions, a good fit makes training much easier!

3. DETI Dog Sunglasses Pet Goggles for Medium to Large Dogs

deti dog sunglasses

  • These dog goggles offer 100% UV/UA400 protection , they are waterproof , windproof , anti-fog , dustproof , shatterproof , scratch proof.
  •  Ideal for everyday protection or for dogs with eye disorders or sensitivities
  • Offers durable protection with extra deep lens cup that keeps lenses safely away from eyes to shield against sun, wind, and debris.
  • Ensures a comfy fit with soft PVC sunglasses frame,adjustable chin and head straps that snap in place snuggly on all doggie head shapes and sizes。
  • Wide nose bridge design which improves comfort; Frame Bottom Breathable 10 Hole, vents to prevent vapour and breathable.

4. PEDOMUS Dog Goggles Dog Sunglasses

pedomus dog goggles

  • Superb Material: The lens is made of high quality polycarbonate, which can filter and reduce UV, UV400, Infra Red and visible light intensity. Protect your pets’ eyes from snow, UV, wind, dust and fog.
  • Adjustable Strap: The strap use cotton high-elasticity elastic band, adjustable elastic cord fit for different head shapes which can let your pets wear the sunglasses in comfortable and firm manner.
  • Good Protection for Outdoor Activities: The dog goggles will be a good protection aids for your pet if you want to do some outdoor activities with your pets such as skiing, climbing and swimming etc.
  • Sponge Pad Inside: Sponge is padded around the lenses, high density sponge has a great breathable effect and thermal performance perfectly alleviating eyestrain or the pressure from the shaft and the dog is not uncomfortable to wear normally.
  • Size Reference: Suitable for medium or large dogs, such as Golden Retriever, Molly, Goldie Shepherd, Huskies, etc. But not suitable for small dogs.

5. Petleso Dog Goggles – Large Dog Sunglasses

petleso dog goggles

  • 100% UV protection , Waterproof , Windproof , Anti-fog , Dustproof , Shatterproof , Scratch proof. Dog goggles for MEDIUM to LARGE Pet’s daily use or eye disease protection.
  • Features : Purpose made ultrahard lenses large dog sunglasses prevent the UV,UV400,water, wind,dust and resist shatter ; Soft PVC frame & lightweight ,without wearing pressure ; Widen nose bridge design ; vents to prevent vapour and breathable ; Adjustable elastic and dismountable band.
  • Summer & Swimming come : Appropriate sunbath in walking or outdoor or beach is the best natural gift to pet. This large dog sunglasses will protect their eyes. / Reduce seawater harm to pet’s eye when swimming , this waterproof dog goggles will be the partner with pets.
  • Super Cool Fashion style : This pet goggles for dog with cool black and fashionable shape to dress up your pets in a attractive look when Walking , Swimming , By Motorbike or By Car.
  • Size : Pet Goggles frame width 5.7”(14.5cm) , Lens height 2.5”(6.5cm) , Head with frame adjustable max 22.8” (58cm) , Chin strap adjustable max 8.4”(21.5cm). No tensile measurement.